Professional Fine Artist

Sofia Metal Queen (lady Sofia Goldberg) is an author of more than 6000 artworks & fashion projects.


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Born: July 4, 1981

1st artwork created: March 8, 1982.

1st artwork sale: 1990, age 9
1st personal art exposition: 1991, age 10
1st international art show: 1992 in Kiev, Ukraine
1st grand-pri from domestic art competition: June 1993
1st art & crafts personal exposition: July 1993 in Moscow, R.F.
1st participation at fashion show: 1993 in Angouleme, France
Got status of the best space artist of the year: 1993, age 12
Winner of international space art competition for young artists: 1994 in Donetsk, Ukraine
1st Space fantasy art exposition in Moscow, 1994
1st time on TV: July 1995, age 14
1st short movie "The Fortuneteller" - 1995, age 14,
1st international fashion show (young designers): 1996, France
1st U.S. art show: Israel Independence Day festival 2005,
1st esoteric spiritual art show: Nov. 2006 in Montreal, Canada
1st international modern surreal art show: 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine

2000 subscribers on Art/Fashion/Life YouTube chanel: Jan. 2014